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Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband of Mine,
I am very bad at this. And by this I mean by what we have. It's gonna be all magical and lovely but I'm gonna be the one who'll end up destroying everything that is. Maybe it's the messed up me or maybe it's just a normal part of me, afraid of all this happiness.
I've known this forever that girls want to be the heroes for the damaged guys, emotionally unavailable ones... After all that's what you see everywhere right. Girls cry, they show their weaknesses all the time so it's all normal. But man! If a guy's crying, shit is set loose. I'm telling you, if you're one of them there's no space here. I have enough of damage here all by myself. I need you to be there for me. Not that I won't be there when you need me. I will always be there. But first, it's me that you need to be there for. It's been so long for me using tape and glue everywhere that I could feel the layer developing and now it's w…

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